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What else can you tell me about yourself?

Will you sign my book?

When is the next book coming out?

Really, just how much is the work yours and how much Booger's?

Where is your happy place?


      What else can I say?
 -  I'm going to be completely honest with you. I'm a total weirdo, a bit of a perfectionist, and probably an over-achiever. But hey, that just means I draw and write some pretty awesome stuff, with the help of my cat of course. (I'm lying - he actually does all the work.)

      Anyway, in early 2010 I wrote a kiddie book called Life as a Fish and later a young adult fantasy fiction called Alliance. (Those aren't published yet, but I'm working on them). At the age of 13 I finally got a laptop and typing abilities - fascinating I know - which gave rise to the fantasy / sci-fi novel The Gleehaven Tales, which I plan to turn into an epic series.
      *evil laugh*
      You can follow me on Quotev, which holds all of my crazy anime quizzes, and Pinterest if you're bored and happen to like anime memes. Just um, try to be patient with me... It takes a little bit to get the creative juices flowing sometimes. (But when they do - things tend to explode.)
      Currently I live in the central US with my family. My editors and test audience include my mother who is a nurse and wonderful singer musician, and my dad who is a military veteran and paramedic.  I also have a brother who seems to naturally master all things computer, and most importantly I am supervised by a very large fluffy orange cat named Booger... he tells the most unbelievable stories.
      I am also a Christian with a passion for karate, puns, strawberries, and kittens, not necessarily in that order.
        Will I sign your book?
 -  Sure if you ask really nicely. No mailing books to me though, 'cuz I'm too lazy to deal with that.

      When is the next book coming?
 -  Well, that is a pretty darn good question. You can't rush a good thing, but luckily it should be within a century or so... It could be tomorrow. Who knows?


      Who does more of the work?
 -  Between Booger and I... Well, it's a bit complex...

        The happy happy happy place?
 -  Yes, it is a real place and there are kittens and unicorns and well... ok, mostly kittens, but if you don't believe me,
check the link here!