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The humans are no more.
Sentient animals, left behind by a grave mistake, have picked up weapons and tools in order to survive. They have created kingdoms. Some have waged war. Some have lost, and some
want revenge.

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Rebecca Lemon the Author?


Well, she likes to draw and sketch,
but more importantly she writes amazing books and stories, which you should really consider looking into. 

I mean really, it's some good stuff.
She started her first book at the early age of just 11,
then at 13, when she got her own laptop, really got going.
She is best known for writing fantasy and science fiction, including her new book now available on Amazon,
Rise of the Golden Blood, the first in an exciting new series
The Gleehaven Tales.

She also enjoys anime, karate, puns, and kittens,
as should all normal people.

(oh yeah, and she likes funny cat videos ...don't tell Booger)